Welcome (back)

For the past three years I’ve done hockey team photos. I’ve gotten better at it every year going from 4 teams the first year to 8 teams the second and then blowing up to 24 this past year – all the while flying the Ulrich Design banner. It’s become obvious, however, that this part of my business has taken on a life of its own.

I didn’t want to confuse prospective new clients who stumble across Ulrich Design as to what it is I do. Does Ulrich Design do branding or photography?

This summer, I was able to finally go full-time with Ulrich Design and the branding portion of it has easily held its own, with loads of projects coming in. Add to this an expansion in branding offerings such as mobile apps. I didn’t want the lines to blur any further so I’ve started PuckShots Photography.

Along with the new name, there will be some new products available to my customers. Stay tuned, and I’ll see you at the rink! And if you want to go to the Ulrich Design website just head to ulrichdesign.ca