When to book?

When is the best time to book your team’s photo session? Well as soon as possible, of course!  That’s not to say that you need to have your photo session ASAP but when you find out your practice schedule you should start looking at what date would work well, even if it’s a month away, and book in to ensure that we fit you in at that time.

So the real question is : Which dates should you schedule your teams photos for? 

Here’s some considerations to keep in mind:


Typically, practice attendance is better earlier in the year than later. That’s not to say we’ve never had photo shoots with perfect attendance in February or even March, but the majority of the time, attendance is better earlier in the season.


Especially for the older teams in Midget and Bantam, who play body contact, you run the risk of injuries occurring and players being unable to dress for the shoot.


For Midget, Bantam, and some Peewee teams, for example, it really brings the team picture together to have your captains sitting in the front row. So if your team picks captains – Still book early but schedule it for late October or early November – soon after you’ve chosen your C and A’s.


A lot of parents, especially on the younger teams (IP, Novice, Atom), like to send out photos of their smiling kids in their hockey gear to friends and family at Christmas. So it’s nice if they have ample time to get their photos done and into their Christmas cards.

Better Late Than Never

We’re always busy right through January and into February and even get some stragglers in March. And there can be good things about booking later too. For instance, we shot my own team, the Elks 82s-Midget A, later in the year and we brought in one of our Midget B affiliates in for the shoot because we had called him up so often that it would have felt incomplete without him.

So it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your session in before the new year but you may have some of the above factors possibly working against you.

Hope to see you soon! 🙂