PuckShots in 2020

Welp! It’s the 2020-21 hockey season! Like a lot of you, Joanna and I feel very fortunate to be living in Thunder Bay right now but we also recognize the importance of remaining vigilant. Going into such a crazy year, we acknowledge that photos may not feel like a priority for every team but for those who’ve been asking, here is our plans for the season as of Oct 30th. I’m sure we’ll need to make adjustments as it’s hard to anticipate every possible scenario.

Photoshoot Precautions

  • PuckShots will NOT be doing the big group team photo, just individual photos
  • Travis (photographer) will be wearing a mask standing more than 2 meters away
  • Joanna (assistant) will be wearing a face covering and hand-sanitizing after each player is finished their photos taken
  • PuckShots will be limiting the pieces of equipment we bring with us and sanitizing them between shoots.
  • PuckShots will arrange with appropriate authorities & arena staff to ensure that we can enter the rink following all pre-screening and attendance protocols
  • PuckShots will not be photographing any groups of people who don’t live in the same household

Alternative to Team Photo

So one of the biggest bummers on our end is we won’t be doing the big team photo. Instead we’ll be doing like a “class photo” layout shown here:

“Class Photo” format Team Photos for 2020

Option: Epic Collage

We’ll be offering teams the option of purchasing Team Collages. 

  • Size: 8×10
  • Minimum Purchase: 15
  • Price: First 15 prints are $20, every print after that is $10.

If you have any questions please email us at: puckshots@icloud.com