PuckShots Christmas Message 2015

Joanna and I have been once again blown away with the response from the hockey community, not just in Thunder Bay but also Geraldton, Longlac and, next month, Nipigon. After last year’s growth we prepared for this year by hiring graphic & web designer, John Zurkan (who I used to coach back in the day) and salesperson, Gemma Herbage-Farough. We’ve also had help at some of our shoots from Andrew Herbage-Farough.

Despite increasing our capacity, things went better than expected as we photographed the same amount of teams all of last season (82) before Christmas! We had 99% of photos, Epic Posters, IceFX, Sticks, Pucks and Buttons orders in customer’s hands for Christmas. Hockey Cards however… Wow… Hockey Cards blew up! Unfortunately we have a lot of outstanding orders but we will be sending those out as soon as humanly possibly after Christmas. We thank everyone for their patience.

We’d like to thank our partners at Primary Foto Source (photos), Citi Centre Print (hockey cards),  and Buzzy’s Jerzee City (for their sponsorship, handling customer sponsor plaques, and the sick red pant covers for my team, Westfort Rangers).

This year we came out with a new product: Epic Posters. I’ll be honest, when we do one of these and they come off the printer, I usually have to look over them for a while and appreciate them… And then wish I had an Epic Poster of me when I played minor hockey. Ah well.


So to all the hockey parents, coaches, managers and especially the players; Thank you for your patronage and your enthusiasm that makes our work so worthwhile. Enjoy your Christmas Holiday with those you love. We’ll see you in 2016! 🙂