Introducing the CoolEdge

When I was a minor hockey player we would receive, inserted with our photos, a flimsy piece of cardboard with a rectangle and an oval cut out of it. You’d put the team photo behind the rectangle and your individual photo behind the oval and hoped that they didn’t overlap otherwise you’d have to snip the corner off one of the photos to make it all fit.

Dauphin Bantam Kings circa 1995
Dauphin Bantam Kings c.1995

Parents have asked for a solution that would hold their child’s team and individual photos in a single frame. We liked the idea but thought we could do better than the aforementioned cardboard sleeve.

This Fall we’ll also be debuting the CoolEdge (Get it? Collage… Cool edge?); A single image displaying the team photo and 2 individual poses on a background designed to match team colours. It comes in 8×10 and 11×14. Parents may also order $5 Add-ons with their CoolEdge in the same way they do with our regular photo packages so they can get the extra photos they need for friends, family and, as I’m often finding, the office.

The CoolEdge will be available online at and we’ll also be revising our paper order forms to reflect this new offering.